ebook cover for "Tiny Planet Filled With Liars" by Stephen M.A.

Cover design and interior illustration—Stephen M.A.

Featured cover illustrated assets (licensed)—Tithi Luadthong aka “Grandfailure”

Stephen M.A.


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sci-fi, pew pew, subversion


Author Stephen M.A. is a first-generation tribal descendant originating from a reservation in big sky country. He now lives and writes in the Northeastern United States.

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"Author Stephen M.A. unleashes a shockingly creative sci-fi future"
"The perfect intersection of phenomenal world-building and character creation"
"What results is a true masterpiece of storytelling"

The Unified Fiduciary Dominion has a problem. Beloved admiral Seersa Kudaibergen is suddenly faltering in battle, while whispers of conspiracy drift through the orbital Defense Corps. Now The Interviewer, fussy ex-military investigator, must partner with Zhou, cantankerous Ruby District madame, to unravel a string of increasingly pyrrhic victories over an immortal alien fleet.

"unique, sharp parlance"
★★★★★ ReadersFavorite.com
"splashes of gritty action"
★★★★½ Self Publishing Review
"filled with drama, humor and hope"
★★★★ MMGood Book Reviews
"blends satire and dirty jokes into a genuine philosophical debate"

For the UFD's extravagant military contractors, truth and revenue are often mutually exclusive. But when Crowley Vanderbilt, greedy corporate scion, starts meddling with battle plans that have staved off Fleet Eternal for decades, the entire planet might pay the price for his lies.

Now, Fleet Eternal's next assault threatens to be the deadliest one yet. In a desperate bid to blow the whistle before it's too late, The Interviewer enlists the help of Bartimus Caldwell, whiz kid sensor Scry, to assemble a declassified report that could rewrite history and save the star system—if they survive long enough to finish it.