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ebook cover for "Tiny Planet Filled With Liars" by Stephen M.A.
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sci-fi, pew pew, subversion


Fleet is Eternal. Survival is not.

Truthful fiction for trying times.

Every 30 days, Fleet Eternal winks into existence, surrounding the planet to lay siege upon a complacent and distracted populace. The enemy is undying—its armaments unbeatable, its numbers uncountable—but the assault has one slight flaw: a mere .01% casualty rate triggers full retreat.

A society on the verge ...

For decades, the Unified Fiduciary Dominion has relied on the Board and its military contractors to protect the planet and maintain the knife's edge of survival. Now, preening corporate lords are secretly abandoning that duty in pursuit of political power.

The tactics of Alpha Vector Defense Corps have served against Fleet for generations, so why are they suddenly faltering? And why do Board members seem so unconcerned by it all? Armed with the exclusive authority to investigate, one fussy ex-military reporter must partner with a generous Madame, and a civilian astronomy club, to hunt the story behind a string of failed battles—and pray they find answers before the districts turn to ash.

As casualties mount, The Interviewer confronts deadly resistance, grave insults to dignity, and a conspiracy at the highest ranks. With the world's security on the brink, this whistleblower is running out of time.

But when every answer brings more questions, one reminder guides the way:

Don't come here looking for truth.
This is just a pack of lies and the end of the world.

—a genre-busting dramedy & political satire thriller in military sci-fi clothing—

Stephen M.A.


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